The Kaleo Way (TKW) is an integrative health hub that promotes wellness primarily through plant-based foods and also advocates living in harmony with the planet.

TKW’s seven, thirty and sixty-day courses have been holistically designed to stimulate and support individuals who are seeking long-term healthy lifestyles, lifelong weight loss, increased fertility, reduced joint inflammation, and to just generally live in a greater sense of wellbeing. 

 Our unique approach offers personalized customizable DIY options giving you flexibility to adjust suggested items, products, recipes, and services to suit your budget and needs no matter where you’re at in your health journey.


Pave the Path to Pregnancy

A pragmatic DIY approach to get the heart, mind, body, and soul ready for pregnancy without launching the IVF big guns from the get-go if at all.

DIY Parasite Cleanse

This is a fully fledged parasite takedown action plan. Designed specifically to rid your body of nutritional vampires that are depriving you of optimum health and wellness.

Liquid Living

7-day Toxin Flush – A gut nourishing tool for whole body restoration and revitalization. It resets, heals and rebuilds your entire body’ cells so you look and feel great fast.

DIY Booty Camp

This DIY 30-day booty camp kicks your own butt with love!
You’ll torture yourself with self-care, acceptance, nourishment, movement, connection, and at the same time enjoy enormous hugs from your mothership. So torturous!

The Kaleo Way

Thirty Days Of The Kaleo Way – The plan to get and keep you living The Kaleo Way for life. Living healthily will no longer be a conscious choice it will be a way of life.

Joint Ease

A 30-day program that gets you all that and more in 30 days. Not years! It’s for anyone with any ailment – from mild to wild! This program does not discriminate – it’s for everyone of all ages and of any level of physical ability.

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Delectable Dishes for Pain-free Joints

This ebook is loaded with recipes and info for anyone suffering from sore and tired joints.

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This ebook is for women who are currently in their final reproductive years and are looking for ways to ease through these changes

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7 Day Meal Planner

The 7 Day Meal Planner is a quick go to guide to get you managing your weight by eating more whole foods through fast and simple recipes.

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7 Day Toxin Flush

This week long cleanse is great to give your body a break and a quick reset.

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Cellulite; The Dimples That Aren’t Cute!

Weight loss seems to be a never ending battle but removing cellulite is quite possibly the hardest to conquer out of all the fat fighting missions. It’s more like ‘mission impossible’. As we age, collagen breaks down, making cellulite more visible as the skin becomes thinner and less able to mask the dimples created by  more

My lists Of Must Reads 2016

  The Alchemist Eckart Tolle A new Earth Power vs Force Letters to a stoic Bhagavita You’ll see it when you believe it The trick to money is having some Truth vs Falsehood Four Steps The Epiphany Unshakable – Tony Robbins Fourth turning Heart Math Richest man in Babylon Food Combining Made Easy, Dr. Herbert  more

There’s Nothing Airy Fairy About Air

Out of these three elements what would you consider number 1- Water, food or air? If you said air, you’d be right.  You can go for days – even weeks – without food, but you can’t go for more than a few minutes without fresh air. However, not all air is equal.  You don’t have  more

Scrumptious Coconut Fish Taco’s

What you need: 1 avocado Coconut yogurt Coriander bunch Wasabi (optional) ¼ small chunk of red cabbage 2 limes A pack of coconut tortillas (these can be bought online here www.innerorigin/advocate/thekaleoway) Local fish fillets (tuna, barra, salmon, snapper) Pepper as required 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar ½  cup Kale A few slices red onion (optional)  more

Healthy Glow Created By The Sun’s Daily Show

There is an intimate connection between the sun and health.  Sunshine makes people feel happy.  When it lands on our skin it feels so good.  But did you know that sunshine can truly be “good medicine”?  The right amount of sunlight can have healing and cleansing effects on the body.  It’s an absolute necessity in  more